canoeing Pinery ParkHello, my name is Steve Webster. I am a UX designer and front-end web developer with more focus on design and the user experience.

“Success” for Pixel Stew is largely defined by doing work I love, with people I like that makes that organization successful. I don’t subscribe to a client-agency mindset but rather consider myself part of a client’s team. I want to work with you, involving you in the entire process.

Helping companies develop and manage their online presence is a big part of what I do. A company web site is more important today than it has ever been. All forms of media must work together to build a consistent, positive brand for an organization. I work from the ground up from a discovery session with the stakeholder to project launch.

When approaching a new or existing project, I like to take a look at the big picture and find out what the clients’ needs are, before any code is written. This saves valuable time needed, for a timely and successful website launch.

Being a fan of WordPress and active member of the Toronto WordPress User Group, I am capable of building child-themes and working with templates. I’ve been working with WordPress since 2011 and have also delved into many other content management systems.

Over the years I have been involved in many web design and development projects. The first website I created back-in-the day when 56k dial-in modems were still the norm (yikes…gettin’ up there), was built using notepad. Since then, I have graduated to better dev/design tools but still rely on the text editors whenever needed.

Some of the projects I have been involved with have ranged from Adobe Flash promotional animations for large pharmaceutical sales teams, to the basic website for a ‘mom and pop’ type business. I view every project with the same attitude and deliver high quality work, on time and budget.

I am open to all types of assignments and freelance work. Please don’t hesitate to contact if you’d like to collaborate. I am also an avid guitar player and singer/songwriter, ardent Habs fan and lover of digital media.